PDF as a Perfect Business Tool

How a PDF Solution Can Improve Your Work with Documents

6 Benefits of Using PDF Files

Compatibility with any platform.

Whatever operating system you use ― Mac OS, Windows, Linux, or others ― you can not only read files in this format but also edit a PDF, merge PDF, compress PDF, convert PDF to PPTX or any other format, and perform a lot of other operations.

Possibility to secure PDF access with a password.

If the document contains sensitive information that should be hidden from prying eyes, set access to the file through a password.

Counterfeit protection

The user can protect PDF from editing by specifying the appropriate option in the settings. Thus, other people will not be able to change the information contained in the file.

Fixed arrangement of all elements.

When you make PDF, convert PPTX to PDF, Excel to PDF, etc., you can be sure that all the constituent elements, including tables, pictures, the layout of text on pages, etc., will remain unchanged regardless of the editor in which it will be viewed by other users.

Easy to send a PDF by post or share online

This file type is small and does not take up much memory. Therefore, downloading and sending it by mail is effortless.

Many ways to improve the file using the PDF editor.

If you want to transform your file, combine PDF, split PDF, or include new fields and elements, use the PDF generator with a wide range of custom settings.

What Is a PDF

The well-known abbreviation PDF stands for Portable Document Format. It was invented in 1993 by Adobe Systems with the aim of creating a universal file format that would allow users to combine text, drawings, charts, and graphs and fix their relative position, protecting them from possible displacement when viewed in different editors. The PDF solution made possible the exchange of information between users with different operating systems and its correct display on the screen and when printing.

Why Use PDF Files?

PDF advantages were especially appreciated in offices that deal with a bulk of documents. It is because the original graphic view is retained for all users who receive and print it.
Also, a PDF maker is indispensable for all professions that are involved in the creation and distribution of printed and media products in electronic or paper format. It is used for text layout because of its wide capabilities and unique PDF tool set.
Another important benefit for businesses and organizations is the ability to protect PDF. Thanks to it, you should not worry that the file sent by mail will be intercepted by competitors or other unwanted persons. After all, they simply won’t be able to open and read it!
The PDF converter allows you to easily convert PDF to JPG, PDF to PNG, PDF to PPTX, and other formats. The reverse option is also provided, thanks to which you can convert JPG to PDF, Word to PDF, PNG to PDF, etc.

Types of PDFs

Real PDFs are created initially in digital form, so users can easily search for the desired text using the keywords, sign PDF, comment on it, convert PDF to Excel, PDF to JPG and other formats, and edit PDF in any other way if it is not password-protected.
Scanned PDFs are images of the pages of some document in the form of photos or scans. Their content cannot be edited or searched within the document and commented on.
Searchable PDFs are used when you want to create PDF from scanned pages but with the ability to search within the text. In this case, 2 layers of the document are created: the image and the text recognized using the OCR function.

PDF Standards

PDF 2.0 standard issued in 2017 ISO 32000-2:2020 is an advanced edition of the current. It contains a lot of new possibilities compared with the PDF 1.7 version released in 2006.
PDF/X is used in the printing and media industry. It provides an error-free display of all information, allows editing files, converting PDF to Word, PDF to Excel and other formats, choosing the reverse option to convert PNG to PDF, JPG to PDF, PPTX to PDF, etc.
PDF/A standard guarantees that all your files saved in this format will be accessible even in the distant future. That is why it is suitable for long-term archiving.
PDF/UA standard will be requested by those who use additional devices or software for reading the information presented in files. It was welcomed by public services that are obliged to guarantee equal access to information for people with special needs.

How to Make a PDF

You can create PDF file in many ways, including Word Doc editor, Web Browser, online to PDF file conversion, etc. The easiest way to create PDF is as follows:
Press the "Create PDF" option in the "Tools" section of the toolbar.
View the different types of files offered by the editor service.
Select the one you need and click the "Create" button.
You can also convert Word to PDF, convert Excel to PDF, and then work with this file.

How to Open a PDF File

If it is not a password protect PDF, then double-click on the file icon to open it. If a password was used to close the information in the file, you need to enter it in a special field that will appear when you try to open the file.

How to Type on a PDF

With the file open in PDF creator, find the Markup icon in the toolbar and click on it.
Once you're on the page you want to add text to, click the Text icon in the toolbar.
Type the desired text in the special box that appears on the screen.
Move the box to the intended location on the page.

How to Redact a PDF

If you need to edit certain information in a PDF document:

1. Upload or launch the file in a PDF application;

2. Open the file for editing;

3. Select the Edit tool from the list of options;

4. Click and drag the cursor over the text or element you want to edit;

5. Edit the necessary elements;

6. To finish editing, click the Apply Edits button on the right;

7. Save the edited PDF file.

How to Extract Pages from PDF

To extract a certain number of pages, first, click on the Panel button in the upper left corner of the screen. You will be offered reduced pages of text, from which you need to select the ones you want to extract. Having marked them, click on the right mouse button and select the "Extract" option from the proposed ones. You can then save the extracted pages in the same format or convert PDF to Word, convert PDF to PNG or other formats.

How to Save a Web Page in the PDF Format

The web page is saved as a PDF file using the print menu. For Windows, this is the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + P, and for Mac — Command + P. Select the “Save as PDF” option from the drop-down menu and specify in which folder to save the file.

How to Secure PDF Files for Protection

PDF files are easy to customize against printing, editing, copying, and other actions. If you want to protect the file as a whole, you need the "Encrypt with Password" feature. On the toolbar, find the "Protect" key and select "Encrypt" from the proposed options.