Edit a PDF with the Most Advanced Tools of PDF

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How to Edit a PDF File

PDF editor offers numerous tools with which you can edit PDF text in any way: change fonts, move images and tables, highlight colors, add comments, and much more. It's very easy to do and takes only a few seconds to get started:
  1. Open the file in the best PDF editor.
  2. Find the button “Edit PDF” on the toolbar menu.
  3. By pressing this key, you will get a whole set of tools with which you can perform all the necessary tasks.
  4. When the work is completed, do not forget to save your file in the desired format by clicking on the "Save" button.

3 Benefits of Using Edit a PDF

Access to the Electronic Documentation Standard

The advantages of PDF are so undeniable in terms of compatibility with any operating system that the use of PDF form has become the standard for many government institutions, education, business companies, etc. To create PDF, make timely adjustments to documents, or fill in various forms, you may use a PDF editor online. Thanks to it, you will always feel confident in the general exchange of information and documentation.

Creation of Unique Texts

Today, few people want to read endless boring texts. For the information to be of interest to the reader, the text must contain graphs, diagrams, tables, pictures, highlights, and much more. The best PDF generator will allow you to create a real work of art even from the most unexciting text!

Unparalleled File Protection

The online PDF editor provides many options for customizing access to the information contained in the file. These can be mild options, such as a ban on copying, distributing, or modifying content. Or it can be strong protection, when only people who have a password to open the file can access information. Thus, you can transfer even the most confidential and sensitive information over the network in a completely secure way.

Some Useful Features of PDF Text Editor You Will Really Need

Compress PDF File

PDF solution allows users to reduce file sizes without compromising content quality. This feature lets you decrease the amount of memory required to store PDF files and also facilitates their transfer and upload to electronic resources.

Merge PDF Files

With this feature, collaboration on documents is facilitated and enhanced. Using edit PDF software, you can easily combine pieces of text from different PDF files by merging their contents.

What Is a PDF Editor?

A PDF editor allows you to edit and manipulate Portable Document Format (PDF) files. With a PDF editor you can make changes to a PDF document, for instance adding or deleting text, images, and pages, modifying the formatting and layout, adding annotations and comments. You can also use a PDF editor to merge, split, and reorder pages, add digital signatures and security features.

How to Edit a PDF Online

If you prefer to edit PDF online, you need to choose a PDF document editor and register on the platform to get access to maximum editing tools.
After that, add the desired file to a special window in one of the most popular ways: drag and drop it from the storage folder or use the “Select a file” button.
When you bring a file online to the PDF editor, you can edit the PDF file using platform-provided tools.
When the work is completed, download the file to your computer or share it using the link.

PDF Editors and Their Types

PDF creator is developed so that any user can create a PDF file in any of its modifications: real, scanned, or searchable.
PDF converter is a program designed to convert PDF format to any other, such as JPG, PNG, PPTX, Excel, Word, and others.
PDF editor is the most comprehensive PDF tool that has maximum capabilities, from creating and editing PDF files to installing different levels of protection on the composed document.

How to Edit a PDF on Mac

To work with PDF on Mac, you can use either the special MacOS Preview program, which is available for every user of this operating system, or the best PDF editor Mac. In the first case, you will have much less functionality for editing files, but for beginners, this is fine.
Once you have installed the PDF editor for Mac, open the file with its help and start editing.
Save the file when you're done. And remember that no matter what PDF editor Mac you are using, you can easily continue the task if you will later need to work with it on any other device with another editor.

How to Edit a PDF on iPhone

iPhone provides its users with a convenient opportunity to create PDF and edit files without additional PDF editor software:
Find the PDF file in the folder with all files and open it.
Swipe the document across the screen to the right to display all pages of the text in the thumbnail.
Find the page you need and press on it until the edit menu appears.
Get your work started!

How to Edit a PDF on Windows

Windows users can either run the Microsoft PDF editor that comes with the OS or install the more advanced PDF editor Windows with more functionality. Whichever way you prefer, use the cursor to select the desired file in the folder and right-click on it. From the proposed list, select with which program you want to open the file and start editing.

How to Edit a PDF in Word

You can edit PDF files by opening them directly in the Word editor. However, when opened, Word converts them to a format convenient for it. Therefore, upon completion of work, do not forget to clarify that the file must be saved back in PDF format.

How to Edit a PDF in Google Docs

The Google Docs PDF editor also offers a wide range of options for making changes to the PDF file. To get started, do the following:
Find the demanded file in the folder.
Right-click on it and under "Open with" select "Google Docs".
Use the Google PDF editor toolbar to make the necessary changes.
You do not need to save the edited file because Google Docs does this automatically.
Once you're done, upload the file to the preferred folder.