Merge PDF to Get One Unified Document

Combine your PDF files into one and manage them with impressive ease.
Merge PDF

How to Merge PDF Files

To enhance the productivity and efficiency of your daily work, you can utilize a specialized tool for merging PDF files. This way, you can work with an unlimited number of files simultaneously and conveniently handle hundreds of pages of information. To combine documents into one PDF, you'll need a PDF tool and a few minutes of free time. Here's what you need to do:
  1. Open the PDF maker and find the “merge PDF” option there.
  2. Sequentially upload all the files you intend to combine into the PDF merge field in the order they should appear in the final file.
  3. The PDF generator allows you to change the order of file placement if needed after uploading. This lets you organize the PDF as desired: simply drag and drop each document to the appropriate position.
  4. Check that all files have been uploaded and that all documents are arranged in the correct order. Then click “merge PDF files”.
  5. You can download the resulting file to your device: choose the folder where you want to save it for future use or before sending it to your partners, colleagues, friends, or other recipients.

3 Benefits of Using Merge a PDF

Facilitating Teamwork

You can combine documents into one PDF and achieve quality outcomes from collaborative work with colleagues in your team. This is very convenient when each person is responsible for preparing a specific section: someone conducts research, someone gathers analytical data, and someone prepares additional materials. Afterward, you can combine PDF files and obtain a collective result.

Easy Document Storage

The merge PDF online feature will help you conveniently store documents in a single file instead of distributing them across separate folders. This makes it easy to work with annual reports, research findings, and other accomplishments.

Fast Data Transfer

Utilize the PDF combine tool to transmit or upload a single document containing all the necessary information instead of dealing with multiple files.

More information Operations with PDF

Compress PDF

After you've managed to combine PDFs online, you can reduce the size of the resulting file to make it easier to send via messenger or e-mail or to occupy less space on your PC. After compression, the quality of any multimedia elements inside the document doesn't deteriorate, just like the arrangement of all blocks and pages within the file.

Split PDF

Sometimes, after using the PDF merge online tool, you might need to split files back into individual documents, and you can do this without excessive effort. You can access the PDF Maker and extract the necessary pages, thus creating a new file with the information you need. You can even use settings to extract different pages into separate files, streamlining this process and dealing with the entire task at once. Thus, PDF merge and split become two interconnected tools, helping you easily manage your documents and work with them conveniently.

How to Combine PDF Files Mac

Merging PDFs on Mac is very easy, as macOS provides a built-in tool for this, and it's free for all users. You can create PDFs, combine PDF documents, and perform various other actions. The PDF tool on macOS can be found in the Preview menu. Here, you can create new files, edit PDFs, change page order, merge files, extract pages, and organize documents as needed. To combine PDF Mac, you need to follow the following steps:
Open the first PDF document in the PDF tool through Preview.
Launch the thumbnail page view mode.
Scroll through all the pages until the last one where you want to insert another file.
Select the “Edit” option.
An additional menu will appear. Here, you should choose the “Insert” tool, then “Page from File”.
A dialog box will open; here, you need to specify the path to another PDF that you want to insert. Open it.
This way, you can create PDF from two or more documents. In the same way, you can combine JPGs to PDF and add files of other formats to your document.
After merging the files, save the final result on your device.

How to Merge Two PDF Files

To merge PDF free, you need an efficient PDF combiner on your device. You can also combine PDFs online. Utilize a PDF editor every time you work with documents of this format. To combine PDF free, follow these steps:
Add the necessary files (these can be more than just PDFs) to the editor window.
Arrange the desired page order.
Save the result and use it as needed.

How to Combine PDF Files Windows 10

Unlike macOS, Windows doesn't offer users such a built-in tool that would allow them to merge PNG to PDF, perform a PDF mail merge, or simply combine documents or extract specific pages. You'll need to use third-party products for this. Overall, working with this tool looks exactly the same as in the examples mentioned above. There's just one more step: downloading and installing a PDF editor on your PC. Alternatively, you can combine images into PDF or work with PDF documents online, directly in your browser.
Find the “Merge” tool in the Editor.
Add files (any number) to a new document. Remember that you can merge images to a PDF, not just exclusively work with the PDF format.
Organize the correct page layout order. This is especially important when you merge JPG to PDF, and it may join the next or previous page: make sure all components are positioned exactly as you need them.
Use the preview tool to ensure everything is done correctly.
Click the “Merge” button once again and save the edited document on your device.

How to Merge PDF Files into One

To combine two documents, you'll need a PDF editor, plugin, or a specialized application (if you're working on Windows OS). On macOS, such a tool is already integrated into the system.
Launch an online editor or application on your device.
Click “Open” to select the documents for editing.
Arrange the sequence of components.
Merge and save, specifying the folder where the final result of your work will be stored.

How to Merge Multiple PDF Files

The simplest way is to work sequentially, adding new files to the document one by one. However, when it comes to numerous pages and various documentation, opening all the necessary documents at once will allow you to not miss anything. This way, you also spend less time preparing to edit the document. Adding several files to a single PDF follows the same principle as just one or two. Still, in this case, you need to pay closer attention to ensure that all pages are arranged in the correct sequence and there is no confusion with this. In any case, you can use our PDF editor to perform all the necessary actions easily, quickly, and without unnecessary limitations.