The Quickest Word to PDF Conversion

Using Free Word to PDF Converter has never been easier. Follow these straightforward steps to effortlessly transform your .doc or .docx files into polished PDFs

How to Convert Word to PDF

  1. Choose Your File
    Begin by selecting the Word document you wish to convert. It can be in either .doc or .docx format.
  2. Upload to the Word to PDF Converter
    Upload your selected file to the user-friendly Word to PDF converter window.
  3. Click "Convert"
    With your file uploaded, hit the "Convert" button. Watch as the magic unfolds — your document will be transformed into a PDF within seconds.
  4. Retrieve Your PDF
    Once the conversion is complete, download your brand-new PDF file.

Unlocking the Advantages of Using Word to PDF


Change your Word to PDF, so you can easily see and change them on any device, no matter what kind of system or software you use.

Easy Sharing

Share PDF files to ensure that your colleagues and partners see the same page layout. It’s especially important if you plan to print these documents.

High-Level Security

Transform your Word DOC to PDF and gain control over content security. Choose the type of content to prevent copying, editing, printing, or any other undesirable actions.

Comprehensive Information about the Limitless Possibilities of Our PDF Tool

Split PDF

Break Down PDFs
Once you make a Word to PDF change, you can easily break the new file into smaller pieces or save specific pages as separate files.

Excel to PDF

Switch up your files with ease! Our tool not only changes Microsoft Word to PDF but also turns those Excel files into PDFs as well.

Understanding DOC and DOCX File Formats

Incorporated since the 2007 release of Microsoft Word, .docx files introduce enhanced virus protection, reduced file sizes, and improved user responsiveness. If you remain an avid user of Microsoft Word 2003 or earlier editions, we recommend you install an additional compatibility pack or make a Word Document a PDF and ensure smooth operations.

Change Word Docs to PDFs on Mac

Employ our efficient and dependable PDF tool to convert Word to PDF format on your Mac. Just use the integrated Save function on your device, bypassing the necessity of instilling additional software:
Start Word document viewer on your Mac system.
Go to the File section, find the Print function, and click on it.
Instead of choosing the print command, opt for the Save as PDF function.
Give the file a name and choose the folder to save it. Then click Save.
Find your PDF in the designated folder and make a Word to PDF download.

How to Turn Your Word Docs into PDFs

Thanks to the converting Word to PDF function, you can effortlessly convert Word DOC to PDF directly within Microsoft Word.
Start by opening your version of Microsoft Word.
Open the desired document.
Head to the File section.
Pick the Save As option from the menu.
It will open a dialog box with various file formats. Select PDF and confirm by clicking Save.

How to Turn Your Word DOC into a PDF

Not sure how to convert Word Document to PDF using Microsoft Word? Use our Word to PDF converter online. Transforming your DOC into a professional PDF can be done in seconds! Here's how you do it:
Just upload your DOC file.
Click Convert.
Get your PDF in seconds.

Convert a PDF into a Word Document on Mac

People usually convert from Word to PDF. But sometimes, you might want to do the opposite. Here’s how you can make it on macOS:
Start by using Preview to open the PDF file. Copy the text you need. Move over to Microsoft Word, paste it there, and remember to save the file as a Word document.
Use the pre-installed macOS utility Automator: open the PDF file and apply the Extract PDF Text function. Then specify the desired document format and hit the Save button.
Utilize our tool to both change Word to PDF and make a smooth conversion from PDF to Word as well.

How to Convert Microsoft Word Documents to PDF

Effortlessly convert from Word to PDF with just 3 clicks and while using Microsoft Word. To proceed, go to the File section and pick Save As from the provided choices. Then search the pop-up window to find the Download as PDF option. Click on it and get your PDF file in no time!

How to Conduct Word Search in PDF

Once you've changed your Word to PDF online, you may need to search for a particular word or phrase. No problem! Just look for the “Search” icon on the left sidebar. Type in your word, hit the Search button, and voilà! The editor will carry you to the right page and make your word stand out.